Wanna One’s Yoon Jisung gets accepted into graduate program of Dongguk University

Source OSEN via Naver News: Wanna one's Yoon Jisung, gets accepted into Dongguk University graduate program... Becoming a freshmanCommentsekth**** 3914+ 1249- Congratulations Yoon Jisung~! ekdm**** 3015+...

EXO Kai’s issue of ‘Big Issue’ records the highest number of copies sold

Source OSEN via Naver News: EXO Kai, 'Big Issue' sets the highest number of copies sold... in 7 yearsCommentshjkh**** 1841+ 38- I'm happy that there are...

[theqoo] The best MMA performance voted by the artists

MeloMance -> Wanna One Bolbbalgan4 -> Kim Young Chul Park Woojin -> Bangtan Ong Sungwoo -> EXO Ha Sungwoon -> IU Sowon -> IU Park Jihoon -> IU IU ->...

[theqoo] The properties Bigbang members own

Taeyang's building in Hannamdong Purchased this building for $7.75M (with a loan of $2M) Taeyang's house is at UN Village in Hannamdong. He purchased this house...

MIXNINE announces the top 9 trainees

Source OSEN via Naver News: 'MIXNINE' TOP 9 announcement.. Woo Jinyoung ยท Shin Ryujin take the leadCommentsrury**** 2305+ 59- How many advertisements did you guys insert...




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