[Instiz] IU gets surprised after taking out her ID from her wallet

IU was holding her ID waiting in line at the airport   The fans told her they can see all the details on her ID   Looking...

[Instiz] SM released a new MD – Artist Handy Fan

Source Instiz: SM's new MD - Artist Handy Fan Comments rtygji SHINee's... came yesterday ^^* 캡틴체리. Mine came already baekhyunee_e÷o They should've at least included the artists' stickers or something ^^......

[Pann] Members within the same idol groups who look like real friends

BTS V and Jimin (95s)     Wanna One Kang Daniel & Ong Seongwu (OngNiel is science)     Got7 Jinyoung & Jackson (Wang Gae Park Gae)     Highlight Yoon Doojoon...

[Pann] Isn’t Kang Dongho cute when he smiles?

Isn't Kang Dongho cute when he smiles? His half-moon shaped eyes and circle mouth are cute   Source Nate Pann: NU'EST Kang Dongho Comments ㅇㅇ 147+ 13- Dongho's mouth...

[Instiz] The idol selected as the best-dressed man at Louis Vuitton’s fashion show

EXO's sehun     EXO Sehun, Emma Stone, Léa Seydoux, Jennifer Connelly in one photo   I think he will now be called 'Louis Vuitton Boy' following 'Who's...


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