SHINee’s Juliette, View, Prism, Spoiler
EXO’s Playboy
Jonghyun’s Dejaboo, She is, U&I, 02:34
Taemin’s Pretty Boy, and more…

Jonghyun composed and wrote the lyrics of countless songs with happy mood



theqoo: I’m afraid that people would think Jonghyun was a gloomy artist


His lyrics are so good. View is the best!!

No. I will remember him as a pure, lyrical and sensible artist

View’s lyrics are so good

My bias is View. This album’s concept is good, and the b side tracks are all great… I love them

True. Jonghyun wasn’t just a gloomy person. He was a very sweet and kind person! When he was asked to choose his favorites from his self-composed songs, he chose a lot of bright songs too. Please listen to his bright songs too… and please remember him

Thank you for letting us know

I love Prism. It’s one of the best songs by SHINee…. EXO’s playboy is good too and it sounds very classy.

He will be remembered as a sensible artist for me

After reading this, I felt like I got a hit on my head. I will remember him as a kind, delicate, cool person with lots of smiles and tears

Jonghyun used to be a very bright, sweet and kind person, but it’s sad to see him getting portrayed as a very gloomy person due to his depression

Jonghyun is Mongmong, a bright Mongmong

I love 02:34ㅠㅠㅠ

I’m a fan of a different group, but to me, Jonghyun will be remembered as a very warm and kind person

He used to call himself a romantist, so he has a lot of sweet songs too

I still listen to Dejaboo!!♡

Thanks for giving EXO Playboy

I used to like Pretty boy, but I didn’t know it was Jonghyun’s

I will always remember your bright image

Jonghyun is a genius. His sensual and sensible songs are great, and the lyrics are good too.

I miss himㅜ

Thank you for making a lot of good songs

  • Kim_Hyung

    As a casual listener, I never viewed him as a gloomy person like ever. That’s why this tragedy was a shock to me because I didn’t see it coming… He’s always a person with bright smile and bright personality to me.

    • Sey

      He was even open about depression and regularly talked about it. I think that’s not something a gloomy person would be able to do. Yes, he was depressed and that made him give up living, but his personality and character is a different thing.

      I also doubt Jonghyun was faking his bright image on variety shows. I believe that’s the kind of person he truly was and that he always had fun in his work as a celebrity (doing music, recording varieties).

    • JustFine
    • 我的鲸鱼太帅了

      True. He is bright and cheerful so I didn’t know he was struggling hard behind that smile 🙁

  • QueenBuzz

    Playboy is a masterpiece that i’d not forget

  • ShawolSayA

    Sweet and kind. Really really really funny. Awesome singer. Hard-working. Earnest. Fun-size(lol). Cool. Bling Bling. And so much more. Looking at SHINee videos and seeing his bright image is what I will remember. OT5 forever. ♡

  • #WhereIsYourTag

    View is Jonghyun’s work??? That song is my favorite wow

  • Mira

    I sincerely thank Jonghyun for all the bops he created. I always looked forward to SHINee albums (on full). I don’t always do that, but I knew I could count on SHINee for quality music and albums. He was a really gifted person.

  • Miss Onibugi

    I always remember him as bling bling jonghyun. The sweetest man on earth ❤️ I love you so much

  • kwakattack

    People forget that being clinically depressed doesn’t mean being gloomy all the time. Sometimes it comes then it goes and you feel better temporarily then it comes back again. That’s why not every one who is depressed ends up comitting suicide and most can still function in society. Only when it gets real worse like cancer stage 4 that it becomes debilitating

  • SlyMoonFox

    Gloomy? Never. He was sweet and caring. He also made people laugh and feel comfortable.

  • puppy

    I’ll always remember him as the sweet, caring, talented and dork guy, with the voice of an angel.

  • Nova_REMIX

    “View” was my favorite title track by SHINee. No wonder. A lot of the songs he had a handle in, were my favorite. SHINee was THE group that helped me get more into SME artists. And the fact that since debut Jong Hyun had a big hand in the music SHINee made, made me switch from my initial bias (who was Key) to him Not to say I’m an akgae or that I don’t like Key as much; he’s still one of my favorite members. but a lot of Jong Hyun’s songs were just my style, especially his more romantic songs. He had range. And I liked that.