OSEN: “Climbing up the chart” BTS ‘MIC Drop’ 6 weeks consecutive chart-in on Billboard’s ‘Hot 100’ chart


2222**** 3434+ 41-
Daebakㅠㅠ BTS I love you

eun0**** 3140+ 40-
BTS’s 6 weeks chart-in. Who’s able to do this?

aela**** 2846+ 35-
OMG~~ BTS is the best

rlag**** 2582+ 39-
As expected

dudd**** 2522+ 35-
Seriously daebak

dlco**** 529+ 6-
Becomes the model of a bank, 6 weeks chart-in on Billboard… And today’s performance… Lots of presents. BTS, I will continue to support you

uand**** 489+ 10-
They’re on the actual Billboard, not media playing with Korean Billboard. BTS’s the best

arti**** 428+ 10-
This is the real Billboard chart. The real american mainstream chart. Ah other than BTS, any other groups releasing articles about Billboard are mediaplaying, so it’s really annoying. Since other artists constantly mediaplay with some random charts that don’t evne count, BTS’s records are being neglected as well.

youm**** 387+ 5-
13 weeks chart in on Billboard 200…. That’s really amazing! BTS!

pse1**** 386+ 7-
BTS is the best

nolo**** 363+ 6-
6 weeks consective is surprising already, but climbing up the chart as well