OSEN via Naver News: Jo Sunghyun “I feel proud when I see IOI.. Work with Wanna One? If I get a chance to”


dhfp**** 249+ 5-
Don’t ever even dream of it

psm5**** 164+ 3-
Never ever

wjdw**** 157+ 5-
You wouldn’t get a chance

real**** 130+ 4-
Don’t say things like that!

roda**** 120+ 6-
You should let the boys have some rest first??

lott**** 53+ 0-
What is wrong with this father and son. Please leave them alone and just manage well

qfre**** 43+ 0-
Both the father and the son are so annoying

zw__**** 41+ 0-
Iru-nim, we are okay. You don’t have to do the hard work. Please

mm25**** 35+ 0-
Proud? You’re proud?? how are this father and the son so same… I wonder how much self love he has to say stuff like that. I guess he only hears what he wants to hear

dipp**** 31+ 1-
Is he hungry for curses

zzzz**** 23+ 0-
I root for actor Iru, not producer Iru. So please concentrate on your acting career. Great actor, Iru-ssi

koyn**** 18+ 0-

ibr3**** 15+ 0-
Don’t.. Even if you get a chance


    I don’t think Wanna One wants to sing Dream Boys…

  • WOSH

    You know what is sekshi?

  • Cassiel

    Honestly after listening to weki meki’s debut song, I don’t even consider dream girls is a bad debut title track lol sure it is not powerful enough tho

  • aly

    No don’t ever come near Wanna One we don’t want a dream boys concept

    P.S. Imagine woojin doing it omg my poor kid

  • Moon2Stars

    They are not in their agency for their personal gain. They are just there to manage their schedule.

  • Jii

    oh wow I didn’t know that he was a producer?? I just finished the drama he starred in

    • huong_2503

      He’s producer of IOI- Dream Girls, that’s why early wannable want to get him far away from W1’s debut lol

      • Jii

        I see, welp this is so unexpected lol!

  • morago

    How bout NO

  • Jasmine Maris

    I.O.I -dream girls song wasnt that totally bad. I don’t why people hatin so much.
    And FYI this guy is a Berklee undergrad. Give this guy some respect.

    • Tsubasa

      For someone graduated from an established college,his works were disappointing.

  • Alexandra

    well, considering their popularity and sales… who wouldn’t

  • offtheride

    Thank God I’m not the only one who think of a big fat NO

  • Sakura


  • aly

    The guy above, Eru, is the composer of IOI’s dream girls. He is the son of Tae Jin Ah, who happens to be the founder of YMC Entertainment, Wanna One’s agency.