OSEN via Naver News: Jo Sunghyun “I feel proud when I see IOI.. Work with Wanna One? If I get a chance to”


dhfp**** 249+ 5-
Don’t ever even dream of it

psm5**** 164+ 3-
Never ever

wjdw**** 157+ 5-
You wouldn’t get a chance

real**** 130+ 4-
Don’t say things like that!

roda**** 120+ 6-
You should let the boys have some rest first??

lott**** 53+ 0-
What is wrong with this father and son. Please leave them alone and just manage well

qfre**** 43+ 0-
Both the father and the son are so annoying

zw__**** 41+ 0-
Iru-nim, we are okay. You don’t have to do the hard work. Please

mm25**** 35+ 0-
Proud? You’re proud?? how are this father and the son so same… I wonder how much self love he has to say stuff like that. I guess he only hears what he wants to hear

dipp**** 31+ 1-
Is he hungry for curses

zzzz**** 23+ 0-
I root for actor Iru, not producer Iru. So please concentrate on your acting career. Great actor, Iru-ssi

koyn**** 18+ 0-

ibr3**** 15+ 0-
Don’t.. Even if you get a chance