EXO’s fan page admin took a picture inside D.O.’s shopping bag and posted on her page
The fans spotted the cigarettes and told her to delete that picture.
The picture is now deleted.


Instiz: A fan zooms into her bias’ belongings and posts on her page (feat. cigarette)


츄 야
He can smoke. He’s an adult anyway

He looks somewhat different. Not in a negative way though. He just looks like an adult to me

Hul daebak

Ah I used to smoke that too hehe

커피빈 아메리카노
Oh this is somewhat new, since I’ve never imagined him to be smoking

Did that fansite admin post that picture on purpose..?

너와 나 이대로 변하지 않는
There’s nothing controversial about smoking, and I believe taking a picture inside someone else’s shopping bag is more problematic.

Why take a picture inside someone else’s shopping bag…ㅋㅋ

But we are not sure whether that actually belongs to him or not. Also, he’s free to smoke if he wants to. So it doesn’t really matter.

지성아 사랑해
Wow this is very unexpected of him

김종인 😀
Huhu. I’m going to smoke too

MXM 동현
He’s an adult, so there’s nothing wrong..

세훈아 사랑해
He’s an adult anyway ㅇㅅㅇ

마태오 신부님
Just as expected, his privacy isn’t being protected


Aren’t all EXO members adults? I don’t see any problem here

What’s wrong with that.. But I just hope he would stay healthy


  • Why do I have to pick a name?

    I like to think that fansite admin was shocked when she found out D.O smokes. She was too shocked, so she made a post about it. Maybe I am just naive…..

    • Dyojjang

      I don’t think the fansite realise it was cigaratte lol bc she deleted it right away after fans pointed it out. Either way, it’s really not cool to take pictures of someone’s belongings. She as a fan should know her boundaries.

  • Ri

    Oh well pretty sure the one that confirmed to smoke is Sehun. Idk if he still smokes though