XportsNews via Naver News: “I’m Just 26″… ‘Bebe’ by HyunA who wants to be younger


gucc**** 826+ 42-
26 is really youngㅋ

ehde**** 538+ 26-
She’s still young. Why younger ㅋㅋㅋ

ar05**** 461+ 37-
Does Cube have not enough money? Their songs are getting weireder. Spend more money on producers like Sunmi

alic**** 329+ 23-
Why younger.. just 26! 26 year old cool HyunA!

bum3**** 260+ 36-
There’s no refreshing song these days;;;; They the producers plan this together,,

mind**** 67+ 11-
The fact: HyunA is better off than those who complain about her concept or call her cheap here

azsz**** 46+ 5-
Looks like this person didn’t even hear the lyrics carefully… It’s not that she wants to be younger. It just says she feels like 25, 24, 19, 17 year old girl when she meet the guy…

rhrh**** 38+ 4-
HyunA, congratulations on your 10th anniversary. I will be looking forward to cool performances. I hope the new song gets good result.

minu**** 48+ 0-
Is her new song the type to get divided opinions? It’s really goodㅜ Why are people bashing so much even though she released a concept that people were asking for

jise**** 24+ 2-
IU promoted 25, so if you write the title like this, it feels like HyunA is following IU.

hhho**** 21+ 1-
There are so many illiterate people here. She’s not saying she wants to be younger. She just feels young.

call**** 31+ 5-
It’s been 10 years since debut, but she’s still 26 ㅎㄷㄷㄷ

skyr**** 10+ 0-
26 years old. She’s so young. She probably made a huge amount of money