Sports World: Infinite Challenge’s big picture. Would H.O.T also be able to promote like Sechskies?


hm25**** 3246+ 298-
See how Sechkies members have been managing themselves. None of them look behind, and they’re just like the new idols these days. In H.O.T excluding Jang Woohyuk, Tony An is okay, but Kangta and Lee Jaewon have changed drastically, and I don’t even have anything to say about Moon Heejun. Please do not ruin my teenage memories and just let me keep them

ruae**** 2603+ 75-
They talked over this for too long time ㅋㅋ They should’ve done it before Sechskies. I’m not saying they should keep Sechskies in check, but there were so much talk over this even before Sechkies and there have been a lot of articles on this since 4-5 years ago already ㅋㅋ But they denied it every single time. So this doesn’t really make me anticipate as before ㅠㅠ

ducf**** 1967+ 75-
Without any affections, it’s impossible. Please leave it as a good memory~

kmj8**** 1672+ 70-
You can’t, so stop..

jung**** 1417+ 68-

soji**** 695+ 39-
Sechkies didn’t just rise again appealing to people’s memories…. (This ended already from Totoga Season 1).. They turned out great since they still have many charms to appeal….. If H.O.T can’t exceed that, it’s better off leaving it as a good memory… As for Sechkies, Ko Jiyong who’s already married and has a kid is not back with the group either… I think they’re better off that way… Moon Heejun talks about this over and over again when he needs to, and gets sworn at for using the fans…. I don’t think this is right.

qhfk**** 621+ 10-
First of all, Sechkies made everyone curious whether or not Ko Jiyong will join in, and people were twice as moved when he appeared at the end. They promoted for 3 years only, had a press conference to announce their disbandment without any troubles among the members, and their final performance became a legend. In the group, there’s Eun Jiwon who have survived in variety shows for more than 10 years, Jang Suwon made a firm image of himself with his robot acting, and people were curious about how other members were doing since they don’t appear on shows that often. None of them has gotten fat, their visuals are amazing, and turned out even better with good styling from YG. Everything including hte timing, Sechkies’s effort, and luck went well together, but I’m not sure if H.O.T would also be the case..

hotm**** 598+ 21-
Don’t… As long as there’s Moon Heejun who treats his fans like sh*ts, the reunion is impossible….

joog**** 483+ 19-
It’s better for them to not do it… That way, they will be compared less with Sechkies’ case

s2ha**** 458+ 16-
Seeing Sechkies members on TV, all members look young and it looks like they have been managing themselves well…