10asia via Naver News: ‘V Live’ Wanna One’s Kang Daniel “The reason I smile a lot? I want to make people happy”


dayb**** 4205+ 178-
I hope you only get happy moments in your life~

flow**** 3721+ 176-
God Daniel, walk on super star path only

hest**** 3673+ 167-
Daniel’s happy face makes me feel happy too~~ Thank you♡ I love you♡

myle**** 3469+ 170-
Your hairstyle looks beautiful, Danielㅋ

hjie**** 3366+ 171-
Daniel oppaㅠㅠㅠ Always keep your smiles. I love how you look like a little puppy. I will root for you♡ Peaches’ forever no.1, Daniel oppa

hjkl**** 1623+ 51-
You look great when you smile♡♡

dhak**** 1593+ 51-
Look at the speed of the article updatesㅋㅋㅋ Daniel, I was so happy to see you^^

9966**** 1570+ 50-
Smiling for consideration of others^^ You’re great~♡

chic**** 1535+ 46-
Niel, only walk on super star path~

okpp**** 1496+ 46-
Daniel~~ It was great to hear you live~~

htor**** 1394+ 44-
Daniel fighting❤️ Wanna One fighting❤️

owne**** 1344+ 43-
I love you Daniel♡♡♡♡!!!

dal1**** 1292+ 40-
Love you Daniel

soul**** 1236+ 41-
I couldn’t watch. I want to see him smile. Daniel~♡

0288**** 1190+ 38-
I love you!!♡

ggik**** 1179+ 35-
Daniel, I always root for your super star path

brea**** 1157+ 36-
I’m sure you will get a lot of happy moments in your lifeㅎㅎ

sysu**** 1128+ 35-
The updates are really fast^^ I love you Daniel^^