Sports Chosun via Naver News: ‘Night Goblin’ has not yet decided what to do with the episode filmed with SHINee’s Jonghyun


remi**** 1582+ 7-
As a fan, I want to watch that episode. But I don’t know how his family would feel. If his family is okay, I hope you air it.

kmjy**** 996+ 9-
I want to see his smile for the last time

dhfk**** 669+ 5-
Please let us see Jonghyun

slh5**** 630+ 6-
I want to see Jonghyun smiling

shak**** 236+ 3-
Please give us everything the boy has left for us

ksyw**** 111+ 1-
As an avid viewer of Night Goblin, I can tell you that the staff crew of this show is very prompt with their feedbacks, and they would know how hurt his fans are at this moment. It’s not an easy decision for the broadcasting company, so please consider the best for all of usㅠㅠ May he rest in peace

goho**** 97+ 2-
This article has this line at the end [If you feel mental pain or need any help after reading this news, please contact the hot line at 129 or 1577-0199 and get help]. I think this is something other related articles should have too. I hope Werther effect doesn’t appear. May he rest in peace.

quan**** 88+ 1-
Since it was his last filming… I hope it gets aired… only if his family is okay…. But they shouldn’t air it if not..

gusd**** 78+ 1-
If his family is okay, I really want to see Jonghyun smiling on broadcast one more time….

dent**** 69+ 1-
Please… Let us see Jonghyun from his last filming… please…

sunc**** 56+ 2-
Is there any reason not to air it when he’s not even a criminal? I want to see his smile

js60**** 53+ 1-
Ah this hurts me so much.. His bright smile is still so vivid.. Above all things, I think it’s right to follow his family’s opinion on this.. If it gets aired, I will always remember Jonghyun’s last beautiful moment.. I will never forget..

dksw**** 44+ 1-
Please. I want to see him smiling beautifully