Sports World: NU’EST W “2017 has been a year of both happiness and tears


qpf0**** 857+ 1-
NU’EST, you will continue to rise♡ Let’s continue to be happy

ann_**** 800+ 0-
NU’EST W has an year left. Let’s work harder and hit daebak, so that we can hit a jackpot with NU’EST❤️ I will always root for you

dkdu**** 746+ 0-
NU’EST W JR, Aron, Baekho, and Ren. I always support you and let’s stay together till the end. Fighting

kexh**** 735+ 1-
In 2018, I want to see NU’EST W being only happy every day

komu**** 698+ 0-
You will rise higher in 2018, NU’EST W ♥♥

love**** 104+ 0-
NU’EST W will shine even brighter in 2018

dong**** 100+ 0-
I hope they only shed tears of happiness from now on! NU’EST W JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren. I hope you guys become a really happy artists. I always root for you

moon**** 95+ 0-
Great job, NU’EST W JR, Aron, Ren, Baekho~~♡ I hope you promote healthy and in happiness!!!

idle**** 94+ 0-
I love you NU’EST W. I always thank you and I hope you continue to be healthy and happy in the new year as well

pyas**** 87+ 0-
It’s been a miraculous year for me too for meeting you guys. I love you Nubles, NU’EST W

lypa**** 71+ 0-
Thank you for staying with Loves, you will be even more great in 2018, and we will like you even more!! I always root for you!! NU’EST!! Thank you~

fanf**** 70+ 0-
Great job in 2017~^^ Because of NU’EST W’s songs and JR~Aron~Baekho~Ren, I’ve been able to have a really happy year~♡^^♡ I hope you stay healthy in 2018~ and have a more happy year~♡♡♡♡♡

kko3**** 68+ 0-
I’m going to do NU’EST W in 2018 too