SHINee’s Jonghyun left a Kakaotalk message to his sister. “It’s been so hard’, “Tell them I’ve worked hard”, “This is my last goodbye”


OSEN via Naver News: ‘Passed away’ SHINee’s Jonghyun, a 28-year who was a great vocal and a creator


hjh1**** 4804+ 44-
Thank you for creating good music… You’ve worked hard

wovh**** 3272+ 27-
Wah this is so shocking…

bitt**** 2868+ 28-
I hoped this wasn’t true

hi29**** 2248+ 24-
May you rest in peace ㅜ

won9**** 2206+ 23-
I can’t believe this is true. Seriously…

qkrc**** 493+ 4-
It’s our 10th anniversary this year…. You were hardships… and you couldn’t tell anyone… May you rest in peace… Thank you for being with me in my teenage years…

mu99**** 334+ 1-
For me, 28 year old Kim Jonghyun was the most beautiful artist. He might have been suffering in this world, but I hope he rests in peace. Jonghyun, thank you for all the good music

dlsl**** 480+ 1-
Korea needs to realize the seriousness of depression, since depression involves suicide in the worst case… May he rest in peace

dlfk**** 455+ 18-
When will SM release a statement

ojis**** 386+ 3-
I used to like him, because he sings well and is good at variety shows, but I guess he must have been suffering a lot… We can’t tell everything by their looks..

zhak**** 350+ 3-
Please don’t make any malicious comment

wonb**** 280+ 2-
May he rest in peace