SHINee’s Jonghyun left a Kakaotalk message to his sister. “It’s been so hard’, “Tell them I’ve worked hard”, “This is my last goodbye”


OSEN via Naver News: ‘Passed away’ SHINee’s Jonghyun, a 28-year who was a great vocal and a creator


hjh1**** 4804+ 44-
Thank you for creating good music… You’ve worked hard

wovh**** 3272+ 27-
Wah this is so shocking…

bitt**** 2868+ 28-
I hoped this wasn’t true

hi29**** 2248+ 24-
May you rest in peace ㅜ

won9**** 2206+ 23-
I can’t believe this is true. Seriously…

qkrc**** 493+ 4-
It’s our 10th anniversary this year…. You were hardships… and you couldn’t tell anyone… May you rest in peace… Thank you for being with me in my teenage years…

mu99**** 334+ 1-
For me, 28 year old Kim Jonghyun was the most beautiful artist. He might have been suffering in this world, but I hope he rests in peace. Jonghyun, thank you for all the good music

dlsl**** 480+ 1-
Korea needs to realize the seriousness of depression, since depression involves suicide in the worst case… May he rest in peace

dlfk**** 455+ 18-
When will SM release a statement

ojis**** 386+ 3-
I used to like him, because he sings well and is good at variety shows, but I guess he must have been suffering a lot… We can’t tell everything by their looks..

zhak**** 350+ 3-
Please don’t make any malicious comment

wonb**** 280+ 2-
May he rest in peace

  • Rest in peace, kim jonghyun. We will always remember you.

  • Nova_REMIX

    It’s so surreal. I still have his picture on my wall. He’s my bias… I just… Please rest in peace our Prince…

  • Egg

    The comments in this article is so much better than the ones posted in NB. This is such a relief to see that a lot of people are not taking depression and suicide lightly. To all the people suffering from depression, know that you are loved and your existence is appreciated. You are worthy of all the good things life has to offer.

  • Amy Amu

    He was such a good inspiration to many. May he rest in peace.

  • SlyMoonFox

    Jonghyun you worked hard so please I hope you’re in a better place. You’re passing is barely starting to settle in and it’s hard. SHINee was the first kpop group I discovered on my own and when I showed RDD mv to my family everyone liked Jonghyun. Thanks for the memories and Rest In Peace Jonghyun.

  • michael jackson

    may he rest in peace god bless you jonghyun. My heart fell to the floor when he died ad I haven’t been able to piece it back together. I really hope the industry sends well wishes to his family. please pray for shinee too minho reportedly passed out when he heard the news minho, onew, and taemin need strength to cope with losing their brother.