XportsNews via Naver News: Pristin to comeback on 23rd… Reveals promotion schedules


yeeo**** 491+ 34-
Wah Pledis is working really hard

rjsd**** 381+ 59-
I’m anticipating your comeback. I believe you will promote well this time too

asgh**** 240+ 23-
You are finally making a comeback. Fighting~!

godh**** 245+ 29-
Thank you for promoting

xkrd**** 225+ 25-
Pristin~^♡^~Finally making a comeback~^^~?!

yank**** 139+ 2-
This group made me anticipate their next promotions, so I’m happy to hear about their comeback

sim9**** 119+ 16-
I hope you get lots of love with your new songs. Rise Pristin. Fighting!

추가을 103+ 11-
Please show up on variety shows more often after you come back~ Pledis, let’s work for their comeback!

serg**** 147+ 27-
Congratulations on your comeback!

016k**** 98+ 11-
I hope 23rd comes quickly. I’m anticipating

hsj4**** 148+ 28-
Pristin finally coming back!!

wjdc**** 79+ 8-