Daily Sports: Woo Dohwan X Joy, MBC’s ‘Love Game’ male and female leads


haji**** 11180+ 747-
Can’t you guys make dramas without any idols

asif**** 8531+ 613-
But… It’s a bit early…

kwon**** 5706+ 521-

kkhh**** 5152+ 502-

moon**** 2350+ 300-
Even supporting roles are too good for idols, but they always get lead roles

yong**** 2040+ 286-
Watch Joy’s drama again and re-consider

mang**** 1924+ 254-
Stop having auditions for singers only, and have auditions for rookie actors……

lhj0**** 1733+ 269-
Let’s not put in any idols

mymj**** 1667+ 266-
Woo Dohwan, film a different drama..

wnsx**** 1638+ 286-
This isn’t right, Joy

miny**** 1465+ 226-
Idols are very easy to get main roles, and actors are very difficult to get those roles.

paja**** 1511+ 279-
Everyone’s trying to act now ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

lhj2**** 1427+ 268-
I’m sorry, but the female lead…

blue**** 1302+ 254-
I don’t think Joy is prepared yet

may0**** 1089+ 278-
Wow. This drama is from one of the main broadcasting companies, but the male and female leads are…

kind**** 1037+ 226-

gdlo**** 1019+ 229-
They would have to flop for about a thousand times to finally realize that it’s better to use rookie actors in place of idols…