To make a translation request, you can simply leave a comment below with the link of the article.


I’m just a single person maintaining this blog, and I get numerous translation requests by emails, Twitter messages, and the comments on this page. Thus, I can’t guarantee that I will translate all the requests due to time constraints. But here are some guidelines for the translation requests, and the criteria for choosing which article to translate.

Guidelines for making translation requests

News articles
– The source is Naver or Daum
– Enough comments (100+) & Enough votes (top comment with 500+ votes)
– Not outdated
– Not about drama’s plots


Other posts
– The sources include Instiz, Theqoo, DCInside, Nate Pann, etc.
– Enough comments and votes
– Not outdated in most cases



News articles
– If the articles meet the above criteria, they will most likely be translated first (before posts from other sources).


Other posts
As I’ve mentioned earlier, I get a lot of requests daily, and most of those requests are fan-based posts. Since I don’t have time to translate them all, I mainly follow these rules on selecting posts.
– The same post has been requested by many others as well (Pressing upvote for the requests on this page will help me identify)
– I put top priority on the requests from regular visitors (I do recognize Disqus IDs)


+ Please note that the checked comments will be deleted. If your comment is deleted, it might have been translated and posted / the post simply doesn’t meet the criteria / I might just be really busy