(Released date: 2009.05.18)

‘Juliette’ Lyrics


SHINee ‘Lucifer’
(Released date: 2010.07.19)

‘UP & DOWN’ co-written
‘Obsession’ written
‘Shout Out’ co-written


SHINee ‘Sherlock’
(Released date: 2012.03.19)

‘Alarm Clock’ written
‘Honesty’ written


SHINee Chapter 1. ‘Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You’
(Released date: 2013.02.19)

‘Spoiler’ written


SHINee Chapter 2.
(Released date: 2013.04.26)

‘Orgel’ written
‘Dangerous (Medusa Ⅱ)’ co-written


SHINee ‘The Misconceptions of Us’
(Released date: 2013.08.08)

‘Selene 6.23’ written
‘Better off’ written


IU ‘Modern Times’
(Released date: 2013.10.08)

‘A Gloomy Clock’ written, composed


SHINee ‘Everybody’
(Released date: 2013.10.14)

‘Symptoms’ written


Son Dambi ‘Red Candle’
(Released date: 2013.12.23)

‘Red Candle’ written, composed


Taemin ‘ACE’
(Released date: 2014.08.18)

‘Pretty Boy’ written


Jonghyun ‘BASE’
(Released date: 2015.01.12)

‘Deja-Boo’ written, co-composed
‘Guilty Pleasure’ co-written
‘Hallelujah’ co-written
‘Love Belt’ written, composed
‘NEON’ written, co-composed
‘MONO-Drama’ written
‘It’s Late’ written, composed
‘Fortune Cookie’ written, composed


(Released date: 2015.03.30)

‘PLAYBOY’ written, composed, co-arranged


Lim Kim ‘Simple Mind’
(Released date: 2015.04.27)

‘No more’ written, co-composed


SHINee ‘Odd’
(Released date: 2015.05.18)

‘Odd Eye’ written, co-composed
‘View’ written


SHINee ‘Married To The Music’
(Released date: 2015.08.03)

‘Chocolate’ co-written


Jonghyun ‘Story op.1’
(Released date: 2015.09.17)

‘End of a day’ wrote lyrics, composed, arranged
‘U & I’ wrote lyrics, composed
‘Like You’ wrote lyrics, composed
‘Diphylleia grayi’ wrote lyrics, composed
‘Happy Birthday’ wrote lyrics, composed
‘I’m sorry’ wrote lyrics, composed
’02:34′ wrote lyrics, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Fine’ wrote lyrics, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Maybe tomorrow’ wrote lyrics, composed


Jonghyun ‘Monthly Live Connection Track 1’
(Released date: 2015.10.14)

‘Elevator’ lyrics, composed


Jonghyun, Ko Youngbae ‘Monthly Live Connection Track 2’
(Released date: 2015.10.22)

‘It Must Be Autumn’ co-written lyrics, co-composed


Jonghyun, Jung Joonyoung ‘Monthly Live Connection Track 3’
(Released date: 2015.10.29)

‘愛月’ co-written lyrics, co-composed


Taemin ‘Press It’
(Released date: 2016.02.23)

‘Already’ written lyrics, co-composed


(Released date: 2016.03.09)

‘BREATHE’ Lyrics, Composed


Heritage, Jonghyun ‘SM STATION – Your Voice’
(Released date: 2016.03.18)

‘Your Voice’ co-written, co-composed


Jonghyun ‘She is’
(Released date: 2016.05.24)

‘She is’ written, co-composed
‘White T-Shirt’ co-written
‘Orbit’ written, co-composed
‘Moon’ written, co-composed
‘AURORA’ written, composed
‘Dress Up’ written, co-composed
‘Cocktail’ written, co-composed
‘RED’ written, co-composed
‘Suit Up’ written, co-composed


SHINee ‘1 of 1’
(Released date: 2016.10.05)

‘Prism’ co-composed
‘Don’t Stop’ co-written


Jonghyun ‘SM STATION – Inspiration’
(Released date: 2016.12.09)

‘Inspiration’ written, co-composed, co-arranged


Jonghyun ‘Story op.2’
(Released 2017.04.24)

‘Lonely’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘1000’ written, composed, arranged
‘Just Chill’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Love Is So Nice’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Blinking Game’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Elevator’ written, composed
‘Let Me Out’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Fireplace’ written, co-composed, co-arranged
‘Our Season’ written, co-composed
‘Where are you’ written, composed, arranged


Thank you for all the good songs you made during the past 10 years.
Rest in peace


theqoo: Songs written and composed by SHINee’s Jonghyun


It shows you loved music and worked hard. I didn’t know you created this many songs

Thank you Jonghyun…

Thank you for making good songs

Jonghyun, we are sorry, we love you, and we thank you…

Rest in peace.. There are so many good songs

A lot of people were happy because of you

I’ve been happy listening to Jonghyun’s songs ㅜㅜ

Jonghyun, you’re the best.. You always worked so hard. Thank you and I love you

You’ve worked hard. I will give you a hug

You were a really really amazing person

he was a great person ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Thank you

Thank you and we’re sorry

You were always the best. Jonghyun

You’ve worked hard comforting people

Wah his talents…

I love you Jonghyun

There are so many good songs ㅠㅠㅠ

He’s really good at writing lyrics… I still can’t believe this is true

You’re an amazing person. You’ve worked hard

Story op.2 is a masterpiece…. Thank you Jonghyun…

May he rest in peace

  • Darkmj

    ‘End of a day’ wrote lyrics, composed, arranged

    This is my favorite song when i have a hard day. Thank you Jonghyun-ah

  • lord seungri

    Such an incredibly talented young man……I’m listening to Breathe on loop and crying. Rest in peace Jonghyun

    • London Baby

      Me too :(((

    • ohsefuq

      Youve done well. Its in the song’s last part. His last wish. Youve done well dear Jonghyun.

  • puppy

    You worked hard, Kim Jonghyun
    … You really worked hard


    Rest well…. You’re a STAR… a LEGEND ❤️

  • SlyMoonFox

    Such a hard worker but now it’s time to rest.

  • that bitch

    thank you for translating this. i want us to all remember and cherish his work, his talent, his personality and everything he stood for. he deserves at least that.

  • Banana Milk

    My heart aches so much. You’ve been working so hard all these years. Please rest in peace. My deepest condolences to his family, his friends, and all the people who’ve been his fans all this year. He’s gone to the other side of the world, but he’ll sure be happy.

    I’m not his fan, just a casual listener. But I’ve been listening to “Breath” all those time, and it helped me a lot in fighting with my depression. Thank you Jonghyun-nim for your existence in this world. Thanks for being a part of Kpop, a part of SHINee, and for being who you are: a super star in everyone’s heart.

    I’ve seen this quote on Twitter “When he’s still there he’s star. Now the star is up in the sky.” You’ll shine forever up there, where you are much more at ease and much happier.

  • Nova_REMIX

    This man is a musical legend. IDC what anyone says. He is a legend. RIP little prince.

  • ohsefuq

    Talented musician, artist. He will live in his songs. Always.