Sports DongA: Taemin will not be attending ‘KBS Gayo Festival’… needs to rest


yeon**** 10325+ 1-
Take a good rest. Don’t push yourself too hard, and take your time.

syle**** 7168+ 70-
Looks like he’s having a hard timeㅜㅜ I hope you get better

dlfe**** 6858+ 65-
Sure… I hope Taemin and the other members take their time…

kkkk**** 5924+ 68-
Good decision… You need to take some time for yourself

wnsx**** 4695+ 75-
Have a good rest

ever**** 970+ 17-
Jonghyun used to take a good care of Taemin… and Taemin always said Jonghyun is the hyung he’s the most proud of. It hurts more, because I know how close the two were. Take your time and have a good rest.

wotj**** 881+ 26-
The fans want you to take a rest until you feel completely better… Please take a good care of them, SM. Red Velvet looked dark too yesterday ㅜ

wotj**** 821+ 17-
Even months of rest wouldn’t be enough for them…

ejb1**** 805+ 12-
Take a good rest. You are a human too. You need some time to heal your mind

mega**** 770+ 11-
It’s okay Taemin. Take a good rest and eat well. Our Maknae

dkdu**** 653+ 4-
I hope you endure well, Taemin-ah..

yeri**** 557+ 6-
Taemin’s probably suffering right nowㅠ Even I am crying and suffering everyday… The closer ones would be suffering more… Take your time

hyun**** 442+ 3-
We will be waiting. Take enough time for yourself. We will always be here for you

hyem**** 411+ 3-
He shouldn’t push himself too hard… I hope he gets better. This hurts my heart seriously.

  • TheWina08


    Take a good rest

  • Vivi’s Sehun

    He’s going to be hurting a lot. It made me really concerned to see him so… dead at the funeral. I hope he takes as much time off as he needs to… But then again, that hurt you feel when you lose someone important to you never goes away, does it?

    No matter what SHINee is 5 and Taemin is still our beloved maknae. My heart is hurting for him and those affected by Jonghyun’s death. I hope he has people around him supporting him in this very difficult time.

  • ynk

    take good care of your self taemin

  • G.Soul took my soul

    i will be waiting for you take your time baby

  • Nana ✨

    10325+ 1-

    Take a good rest. Don’t push yourself too hard, and take your time.

  • Just Between Lovers ❤️

    Take a good rest honey ❤️

  • a chicken nugget

    Off topic, but does anyone know what era the main picture is from? I’ve just…never seen short-hair-but-not-bowl-cut Taemin before.