XportsNews via Naver News: SM Entertainment releases a statement about Onew’s case


sols**** 18164+ 1890-
Quick deposit~ quick dropping~

gusw**** 13198+ 547-
His image has been severely damaged already..

dian**** 12737+ 1063-
SM is so great… He’s trending no.1, but there are no articles about him on Naver

jooa**** 12751+ 1197-
I guess SM payed to reach an agreement with her. By the way, Onew has a really good impression.. I can’t trust celebrities anymore

gkew**** 10258+ 1215-
How can anyone dance until 7 in the morning? tsk tsk

duwk**** 3434+ 204-
It was reported by her boyfriend who saw it.ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

ghkd**** 91+ 0-
Didn’t her boyfriend find out, because she told him???? I don’t think her boyfriend saw it himself.. What’s going on. Which article is right..

fgcv**** 35+ 1-

opti 3273+ 208-
But his image is already ruined…

posi**** 3492+ 306-
Wah that means he touched anyway…

than**** 2698+ 93-
If your name and face is well-known by the public, it’s better to stay away from those places.

cjm8**** 2840+ 154-
What is he going to do with his good and pure image that has been built up over years.. I feel so sorry

sso0**** 2502+ 112-
Ha…. Shinee didn’t have a single flaw in 9 years..

yj00**** 288+ 19-
After realizing the situation…? Does that mean she didn’t know what was going on until she sued him?

golf**** 2261+ 171-
The agencies always release statements in favor themselves, so I can’t trust them. I’ve never seen them admitting their wrongdoing

sf15**** 1992+ 87-
If the police booked him for that, and he was investigated for 5 hours, I don’t think he simply touched her shoulders or waist…

sf15**** 1992+ 87-
That was at Club D.Star in Nonhyeon-dong ㅋㅋㅋ