OSEN: Suzy “Comeback as a singer after 1 year. I was nervous, but thank you for all your support


rlat**** 1970+ 216-
In Love with Someone Else is really good. The song blends well with Suzy’s voice color

qpr9**** 1629+ 201-
Suzy’s pretty and she sings well too ㄷㄷ I will also be looking forward to the new release on 29th

hans**** 1393+ 169-
I’m also happy that Suzy’s song is being loved♡

some**** 1246+ 156-
I kept listening to this song, because it’s so good, and it became no.1. I can’t wait to hear the other songs too!! Suzy-ssi, fighting 🙂

msms**** 728+ 97-
Suzy’s ballad on #1. Congratulations❤️

auro**** 319+ 60-
I’m happy to hear Suzy’s songs. It’s Suzy heaven here

free**** 304+ 54-
Suzy fighting

friy**** 300+ 60-
We thank you Suzy for doing your best as an artist. I hope the title song, and the rest of the album hit daebak. Also, I hope to see your stages on music shows

baes**** 290+ 57-
Suzy-ya, I love you. Thank you for the amazing song

kore**** 271+ 46-
Suzy, I always root for you. Nice Suzy