Ex… excuse me….?
They localized their concept, since it’s an album released in Japan


theqoo: Twice’s new aslbum concept


Sana’s hair looks weird

I like it

I don’t really care about their concept, but the song isn’t that great

The group I used to like did that tooㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Inserting in animation in their Japanese MV…..

I didn’t get any of their character’s right. I thought Sana’s character was Momo…

Ah… something like that wouldn’t really appeal to the Japanese kpop fans… How come the producers don’t know thing like this when even I know themㅠ

Twice’s Japanese fandom doesn’t consist of kpop fans only..

Twice are already appealing to the Japanese public, so there’s no need for them to aim for kpop fans

It’s cute. Doing something like that just for once is okayㅋㅋ


The 9 character’s facial features are all the same ㅋㅋ They should’ve made them look like the members even a bit

What happened to Sana’s hair

The song’s bad

Well, I heard it’s Love Live’s producer. Just once is okayㅋㅋ

Too childish

I personally think it’s okay and the song’s good too. They’re not continuing with that concept, so it’s alright. But I wished that the characters look like the members even just a bit

Twice aren’t aiming for kpop fans. They’re aiming for non-fans

I like it. It’s refreshing ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The song is good, so it’s okay. As for the MV, I will just consider it as an animation. Their next single in Japan wouldn’t be an animation again anyway

Dahyun’s cute

Something like that wouldn’t work for Japanese public

Sana’s hair *sobs*…


I love Dahyun so muchㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ She’s so cuteㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The new song’s at least so much better than the previous one

  • Guest

    I see too much jealousy here…

  • nerissa gibbens

    I kinda liked Sana’s hair tho >.<

  • nabijjam


  • SlyMoonFox

    But…….. nvm

  • hyunlady

    I like the concept but the song is lacking tbh.. I kinda expected it to be as bubbly energetic song for an anime opening but it sounds more like an anime ending song.

    btw I couldnt keep thinking snsd came to japan with mature concept while twice still with cute concept.. i wonder when will they change..

    • BPJennieislove

      SNSD debuted with Genie and followed up with Gee. They weren’t necessarily “mature” concepts but cute and public friendly songs.Twice’s song is very cute and bubbly and it suits the Japanese market very well.
      I don’t understand why you are comparing it to an anime opening when it isn’t meant to be one in the first place and i personally disagree that it sounds like an “ending” song.

      TWICE and SNSD are two different groups and it’s useless to compare them but if you were to talk about concept changes, SNSD didn’t come out with a mature concept until Run Devil Run(2010) which was 3 years into their debut. Twice debuted towards the end of 2015 and they are just about to enter their 3rd year so they’ll probably start changing concepts soon especially since they don’t have any underage members now.

      People should stop with their fake concern and just ignore groups if you don’t like their music or concepts.

      • hyunlady

        Snsd followed up with gee and oh japan version were like college women in 20s having fun. Twice still stucks with kindergaten childish concept. The mv is about a kid watched anime about them so isnt it naturally for me thinking the song to be like an opening ost?
        No RDR released around snsd 3rd year too (before they had 3rd anniv). And they had warmed up with not-cute-but-more-mature-concept Genie and Chocolate Love in their 2nd year.
        I believe Twice will had some changed this year. I love their new Signal choreo at gayogaejun. This anime concept is still nice but idk I just surprised a bit.

      • Nova_REMIX

        What was “Genie” and “Chocolate Love” then? Weren’t those more mature and womanly? It was two years into their career that they switched up. And if anything, Twice is going the reverse. “LOA” is the most mature sound they’ve had to date TBQH.

  • Pinata_92

    Can Madhouse makes their animation, please