XportsNews via Naver News: ‘Choi Hwajeong’s Power Time’ Wanna One talks about #shower #ioi #RestrictedForMinors


orgg**** 2368+ 93-
Please let Wanna One have some rest.. Does it make sense to sleep only once in two days?

pqzm**** 1950+ 58-
It shows they are happy to work. If they are forced to work, they will always feel tired even if they sleep for 10 hours, and they might also feel annoyed if they can eat at the right times. But I guess they are living happily since this is what they wanted to do. They seem happy

gooj**** 1645+ 32-
Our One ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Let the boys sleep even just for a bit in between the schedules and feed them well ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I hope they get a good rest after the current promotion ends. Thank you for making us happy

lee2**** 1492+ 45-
There are minors in the group too… They shouldn’t be overworking. I can’t believe the boys had to sleep once in two days.. hul

kiss**** 1292+ 46-
I love you Wanna One♡ The babies should have a good rest….

love**** 306+ 3-
Waiting for 4 hours just to take a shower;;;; Isn’t that too harsh

kebz**** 327+ 14-
They’re saying they’re tired… They are revealing it. Having them sleep once in two days is too harsh…. I hope they don’t become a bunch of money making toys of the adults… Ramyeon and chicken… The boys should be fed well. Please don’t stop the boys’ growth. They’re constantly growing. Stay strong, Wanna One

pmr1**** 224+ 2-
I guess the idols these days are thankful for busy schedules, because they tend to train for a long time. But still, being healthy is the best~~ Please manage the schedules well, so they can have enough time to sleep. They’re growing and should be fed well, so I’m worried that they are eating too much late night snacks and unhealthy foods.

dcg8**** 224+ 0-
A room where minors are restrictedㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

love**** 210+ 4-
Isn’t it more like a torture. Sleeping once in two days. Are the agency staffs even humans

kyhp**** 196+ 2-
All 11 members of Wanna one are precious! I’m happy to see you guys living well while being considerate of each other♡♡♡

qwer**** 219+ 11-
They look so tired these daysㅠㅠㅠ It’s good to see them often, but I hope they can have some time to restㅜㅜ

mean**** 190+ 2-
Tae Jinah and his two sons (Iru and YMC’s CEO) should never think about collaborating with the boys, and just feed them well….. The group was made by all the others and you were just asked to manage them, so don’t think that you guys are the ones who raised the group…

mean**** 190+ 2-
Is there only one washroom at the dorm….? I can’t believe it takes 4 hours ㅠㅠㅠ

pote**** 179+ 0-
Wanna One is making a huge amount of money, so please get a new dorm for them. They are so busy that they only sleep once in two days, but they have to wait for 4 hours just to take a shower. Does this even make sense. This means that they are always waiting and can’t even take a shower, can’t sleep and they have to go out again ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Also, Their beds are so small, so they are about to fall off too ㅋㅋㅋ Please let them move into a new dorm with more washrooms and bigger beds to let them sleep well even just for a while.

sz70**** 187+ 3-
All 11 members are handsome

  • Adaya Muminah Aljabar

    Take care and eat well boys ..i love you all ..wanna one lets be healty and hot deabak …

  • adni

    Their bed are really small. I think Daniel’s bed looks like super single bed. They have 3 rooms but less storage and I keep wondering if the house only has a bathroom. The 5 members room looks like the master bedroom but they don’t have the bathroom attached with that. It is okay for IOI since they only lived for 8 months but I think it is so time wasting to wait for bathroom esp with their schedule and it is not like they are rookie with less recognition.They at least should have BTS level of house.

  • starrsmiles

    “There are minors in the group too… They shouldn’t be overworking. I can’t believe the boys had to sleep once in two days.. hul”

    I was wondering about this, Don’t they have child labor laws or restrictions in korea?

  • starrsmiles

    “Waiting for 4 hours just to take a shower;;;; Isn’t that too harsh”

    LMAO can’t they move to a larger dorm with at least 1 bathroom per room? They earn enough for it

  • Someone please save them.

  • embun

    they should get a new dorm with 2 or more bathrooms. remember Daniel has narcolepsy, its possible for him to pass out during shower & some of the members took longer time to shower than the other *hint bts KBS Happy Together. if you watch Wanna One Go ep.01 clearly some members are into keeping personal hygiene, this will sure take time. if 1 person shower for max 15 min X 11 people excluding 2 managers & only 1 bathroom = you do the math. can’t imagine if someone gotten bad stomach ache …

  • aly

    Things to point out:
    1. Wanna One needs to rest. Yes, they are a temporary group, they need to make the most out of their promotional period as a group BUT they! need! to! rest! To those who are saying that the members should be thankful that they are having non-stop schedules because they wouldn’t have half of that once they disband and are cursing the boys for wanting a day to rest, I want to remind you that idols are also humans; they are not robots nor machines. Hell, even machines need to rest as they become overheated when overused, which leads to it malfunctioning.
    2. YMC better prioritize the boys’ health. They have lost so much weight, probably because of the lack of sleep. But of course since YMC is shit, they are milking them too much to even care about the members’ well-being. Not only are they taking advantage of Wanna One’s fame, but also of the boys’ dreams. They have finally debuted after years of training, they’ll be willing to do anything.
    3. With all the money that Wanna One is earning, I hope YMC can move them to a better dorm with more bathrooms because having just 1 bathroom be used by 11 members + managers is so inefficient and a waste of time.
    4. YMC better stop sending them on every show possible. Exposure is good to boost popularity to the general public but overexposure will make the public tired of seeing them.
    5. YMC is shit and needs to learn. If ever there would be another season of produce 101, I hope they won’t let YMC handle the group because they don’t know how to manage their idols properly.

    This has become a rant but i am so tired of YMC, you better be feeding and treating my kids well!! They are not your cash cows!!!

  • Tania Kimmy

    The house is bad. It’s too big to only has one bathroom. My house is smaller than that, but I have 4 bathrooms

    • Tania Kimmy

      I mean the wanna one dorm looks quite big. It has wide living room and large kitchen but how come it only has one bathroom. And they all sleep in the rooms on the first floor. What is there on the second floor?

      • .smile!

        These houses only look pretty and spacious but their space were not made use of well. The second floor is basically just a smaller space, like an attic, but open space. I think the managers sleep there.

  • Fuyuko

    IOI stayed in the same dorm, but not all 11 girls stayed there all the time, I believe. if i’m wrong, then I apologize. But these guys are together for 1.5 years. at least move them to a dorm with 2 1/2 baths.

    • starrsmiles

      Yeah, during whatta man prep and era, only 7 were living there. The other 4 moved out cause they had promotions with their own groups.

  • Cassiel

    It’s great that they are popular and have schedules but they need to rest as well, they are human not robot