Sports Seoul via Naver News: “Is the agency’s phone okay?” Ong Sungwoo, Wanna One’s variety gem


wusw**** 2133+ 44-
Ong Sungwoo has a great sense. He’s very good for a rookie, so I hope to see him more often.

melo**** 1984+ 45-
He has great variety skills, good visuals, and he’s also good at singing and dancing, so I trust in him ㅎㅎ

poke**** 1932+ 47-
Ong Sungwoo. Always new. Thrilling. Being handsome is the best

mark**** 1550+ 43-
Ong Sungwoo fighting! Let’s walk on flower path only^ ^

imki**** 1784+ 145-
I love all Wanna One members, but Ong Sungwoo is the one with the most potentials to be a top star in the long run

bong**** 511+ 17-
I remember laughing a lot because of Sungwoo’s outstanding sense of humor in Produce 101… Other trainees probably felt the same way.. Good sense of humor down to the bones, diverse expressions, good visuals, vocal, dancing skills, etc… I wonder where this charming guy has been up until now. There are so many gems among the trainees in Produce 101.. Anyway, congratulations on your debut, and I hope you show off your charms more freely from now on. Fighting~~!!

king**** 489+ 15-
Visual 4th revolution, Ong, the master craftsman of photoshoots. Ong Sungwoo, let’s walk on flower path only. Congratulations on your debut. T Zone is hard working today as well. Always funny.

lovv**** 449+ 13-
Ong is a real gem. He’s so good in variety shows, but he’s also handsome and talented. The king of balance

rhkd**** 431+ 16-
Ong Sungwoo jjang

joow**** 353+ 10-
I like him even more, because he’s good at his regular work. He’s a perfect idol with good visuals who’s good at both singing and dancing

icep**** 355+ 11-
Ah he’s so handsome

shon**** 353+ 12-
So funny

jydy**** 339+ 9-
Singer Ong Sungwoo and Ong Sungwoo in variety shows have different vibes. But he’s so handsome.

hann**** 344+ 11-
Ong Sungwoo’s shinning brightly

beyo**** 328+ 10-
Ong Sungwoo, let’s walk only on super star, flower, daebak, casting, commercials paths❤❤❤❤❤❤

shon**** 300+ 9-
Ong Sungwoo’s good at anything

  • Manami_bsn

    it’s not hong, gong, woong or on its ONG! lol

  • naver

    He is remind me with Baekhyun. Good in singing/dancing and variety. Funniest member in group

  • nemnemnem

    He is perfect and all but wait till he go back to fantagio and they will ruin him like how they ruined doyeon

  • Bae Tae

    Ong is perfect…what the hell is this boy’s weakness??

    • nayeon’s mom

      a kang daniel