OSEN via Naver News: Wanna One’s title track candidates are ‘Burn it up’ · ‘Energetic’… Voting starts


dbwj**** 3812+ 109-
Energetic sounds good

rud6**** 3144+ 101-
It’s definitely Energetic..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

ahm0**** 2663+ 90-
They both are good, but I prefer Energetic. I was surprised, because he songs are so much better than I expected

rlar**** 2598+ 83-
I prefer Energetic, but no matter which song gets chosen for the title track, I believe Wanna One will do great! Wanna One fighting♡♡♡

kang**** 2000+ 66-
Daebak anticipating❤❤❤

alsd**** 772+ 24-
Burn it up would have a cooler performance, and Energetic is just a better song

jenn**** 787+ 32-
The titles of both songs aren’t that great, but the songs sounds good… Energetic especially has God Hui’s vibes

tomu**** 654+ 26-
As long as Tae Jinah’s son doesnt get involved, it’s all good… It was a disaster for Produce 1

kasi**** 579+ 21-
They are both really really good~♥♥ I just want to see Wanna One standing on stages quickly~~

ujun**** 589+ 26-
I predict that Wanna One’s digitals will hit daebakㅋㅋㅋ

lmkj**** 562+ 27-
I chose Energeticㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That song is betterㅋ But if you think of the performances… should it be Burn it up

bis0**** 533+ 18-
Energetic sounds better! I can totally imagine Wanna One singing that song!! I want to see their performances quickly❤️

rlal**** 495+ 19-
You can feel Hui’s vibes from Energetic ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ and also daebak vibes ㅜㅜㅠㅠ If that produced by Hui, he’s seriously God Hui

jumi**** 524+ 41-
Can we go for double title tracks……

emi1**** 426+ 20-
I like both. Can’t decide

alsd**** 403+ 16-
Performance – Burn it up, Melody – Energetic

sook**** 370+ 15-
Wanna One fighting!!

seon**** 346+ 18-
Wanna One❤️

sky5**** 278+ 7-
Burn it up would have a good choreography and Energetic is a good song. I like both, but I voted for Energetic ㅋㅋㅋ

  • Might want to wait for Sungwoon teaser tomorrow to see if they will show other part of the song too before casting their vote. For now my vote goes with Energetic (not like I could vote tho)

  • sayuti

    i hope Energetic win the voting. we need to get muggles addicted to wanna one’s debut song lmao

  • roseanne park

    I think energetic fits all members the most at showcasing their vocal skills, it’ll do well digitally and more public friendly, although i’m also anticipating the performance for burn it up. Burn it up sounds like ikon’s song tbh, even tho i think it’s a jam i want a debut song that can set their identity as a group.

  • Daehwi and His Cute Mustache

    Cant we get both? Its hard for me to choose one 🙁 even though i cant vote, but still :/

    • joejoe

      We will get both in the album but only 1 is the title

  • adni


    Comparison for perfomance wise and melody wise is like Open up vs Never

  • Dorothy

    I like both!!!

  • Mira

    Burn it Up reminds me of Bang x3, which I don’t particularly like… I mean, it’s a good hype song, but idt it fits these boys. Energetic is my fave… but my faves always seem to flop so lol might happen again this time 🙁 *sobs in Super Hot and I Know You Know language*

    • FGI @jkt

      Can’t agree more. If they end up with BIU, it’d be just like any other boygroup aka don’t have their own color

  • joejoe

    I thought its never like too i love it

  • Amanda Rachel

    Both songs sound like so so to me from those teasers. I don’t expect much since it was YMC. Burn It Up sounds outdated. They better pick the songs from famous composers who can make the members vocal shine.

  • Cassiel

    Stop for a moment and just appreciate Minhyun. How can he be this gorgeous

  • Sakura

    anything is better than dream girls so it’s all good.