Sports Chosun: “A fan kept her promise and got admitted to Seoul National University”… When Winner are the ‘winners’


hm25**** 757+ 17-
Winneer, let’s hit daebak with the new album. Fighting♡

odet**** 692+ 24-
I’m the winner for being Winner’s fan!!

wins**** 633+ 16-
I was serious up until the ‘Morning Wide’ part ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
(Seunghoon mentioned that he wants to appear on shows like ‘Morning Wide’ like the time they appeared on ‘Animal Farm’ or ‘Boni Hani’, not just typical variety shows)

sora**** 577+ 18-
I can feel Winner’s love toward fans ㅠㅠㅠ Let’s continue to be happy, both Winner and Inseo

mino**** 532+ 19-
Mino once again said what he said on Channel+ I love how Winner and Inseo become strength for each other

ruda**** 104+ 3-
Winner’s beautiful ♥♥

case**** 99+ 2-
Thanks for the good article. Winner’s song are really good, but they are also very thoughtful and warm. I guess this is why I’m a fan ㅠ

zoec**** 89+ 2-
Winner, do everything you want!!!! PD-nims, I would really appreciate it if you see this interview and cast them!!!!! Let’s visit Animal Farm once more too!

dear**** 91+ 5-
Wah this is so impressive

anto**** 84+ 3-
It feels like the fans are becoming winners once they start to like Winner. Since Winner are amazing, the fans get their energy and also do well