Segye Ilbo via Naver News: Winner’s talent donation for the patients of Severance Hospital


pgy-**** 625+ 2-
Wah I didn’t know this was a talent donation! They participated to support a good cause. Winner is so nice!

gi52**** 586+ 4-
I heard they couldn’t even sleep the day before due to recording, but wah, I didn’t know this was a talent donation. I thought they were paid to perform there… Winner’s hearts are winners too

infi**** 533+ 0-
A talent donation. The four members of Winner are very nice

lnnl**** 520+ 1-
Winner is a group with kind hearts

gust**** 467+ 1-
Winner members are handsome

just**** 150+ 1-
I felt them to be really nice when I heard they agreed to participate early in the morning, and I once again felt the Win pride

fta0**** 136+ 1-
I always root for you

tjda**** 134+ 1-
I’m so happy to be Winner’s fan

anto**** 126+ 1-
Talent donation… Wow.. as expected from Winner… These guys are all nice.

llov**** 125+ 1-
Very warm

kimm**** 110+ 1-
You guys must have felt really tired after recording overnight, but a talent donation, not just an event. I’m proudㅠㅠ

hoil**** 102+ 1-
Talent donation… Does that mean they didn’t get paid to perform? They are really nice in this hectic year-end period

juno**** 101+ 1-
Winner is winner!

dydd**** 100+ 1-
It was early in the morning, but their live performance and manners were the best

jaen**** 94+ 1-
As expected from Winner~♡

  • joyce

    Thank you for the translation. This made me happy and proud of WINNER.

  • 벚꽃

    No matter how much people try to bring down WINNER’s image. This is the truth.

    Thank you kpople for the translation!

  • kaito1412tho

    Look at 1 persistent hater

    • 가리라_강

      Which one ?

      • kaito1412tho

        The one who downvoted all of knetz comments lol

  • lapotala

    is the kpople admin an incle? 😀 thank you for translating so many winner related stuffs!!

  • say tehee

    They’re so nice

    Antis keep dragging them left and right. Call them problematic here and there. When they do nice things why dont u all do the whole thread like u always do?

    Btw thanks kpople for nice translation 😀


    Thank you admin !! ❤️

  • nandeyanen

    Love you for translating so many Winner articles!!! Thank you for coming back from hiatus.
    And, I just have to say: Why doesn’t anyone praise Zion T. for participating too? 🙁

  • Azazel

    I’m so proud being an Incle!!
    Please write an article aby Zion T.’s appearance too. Heard he also performed there

  • Maryam

    As expected from Winner, they’re have very kind heart