Daily Sports via Naver News: ‘SectionTV’ Yoona “Im Siwan is actually very manly and mature”


xhak**** 791+ 37-
Im Siwan has gotten funnier. Wasn’t he a very quiet and calm person? Was I mistakenㅋㅋ

0099**** 614+ 32-
Beautiful and nice visuals

jang**** 558+ 40-
Yoongphrodite is so beautiful

ekfz**** 420+ 32-
The chemistry between the three is amazingㅠ The King Loves first episode fighting! Let’s hit daebak with an amazing viewership rating!!!

dhdb 510+ 31-
I want to watch this drama quicklyㅠ

우수현 178+ 12-
Both the female and male leads look like deers ㅎㅎ

humin0011 188+ 16-
The male and female leads are so beautiful. Tomorrow is the first airing. Anticipating

bdan**** 121+ 7-
Siwan would be so happy if Yoona actually visits him in the army as promised ㅋㅋ

jose**** 165+ 14-
I read the the original text of this drama, but the drama version is by scriptwriter Song Jina. Anticipating

cdin**** 143+ 9-
Im Siwan used to be really calm and quiet, and Hong Jonghyun rarely spoke on any variety shows, but they look different here and look so comfortable too ㅋㅋㅋ

mych**** 162+ 17-
I think it would be really fun. I just watched the highlights ㅋ

goal**** 147+ 12-
The King Loves to be aired at 10pm on July 17. Watch the premiere

lsa7**** 140+ 11-
The King Loves airing its first episode tomorrow!! Watch the premiere~ WonSanLin fighting

choi**** 137+ 10-
They seem to have good chemistry and they also seem happy, I guess it’s because they are in the same age group~ Yoona is probably liked by the two male leads^^ I never thought I would wait for a Monday!!ㅋㅋ

tina**** 125+ 8-
The King Loves. I’m anticipating so much

gkss**** 125+ 9-
The chemistry between the three main leads are great, so it’s half the battle. Anticipating~

fsns**** 116+ 7-
It’s finally the first airing tomorrow yayy

wg26**** 115+ 8-
The King Loves, hit daebak!!♡

dudw**** 117+ 9-
Wah. Their chemistry is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ