Daily Sports via Naver News: ‘SectionTV’ Yoona “Im Siwan is actually very manly and mature”


xhak**** 791+ 37-
Im Siwan has gotten funnier. Wasn’t he a very quiet and calm person? Was I mistakenㅋㅋ

0099**** 614+ 32-
Beautiful and nice visuals

jang**** 558+ 40-
Yoongphrodite is so beautiful

ekfz**** 420+ 32-
The chemistry between the three is amazingㅠ The King Loves first episode fighting! Let’s hit daebak with an amazing viewership rating!!!

dhdb 510+ 31-
I want to watch this drama quicklyㅠ

우수현 178+ 12-
Both the female and male leads look like deers ㅎㅎ

humin0011 188+ 16-
The male and female leads are so beautiful. Tomorrow is the first airing. Anticipating

bdan**** 121+ 7-
Siwan would be so happy if Yoona actually visits him in the army as promised ㅋㅋ

jose**** 165+ 14-
I read the the original text of this drama, but the drama version is by scriptwriter Song Jina. Anticipating

cdin**** 143+ 9-
Im Siwan used to be really calm and quiet, and Hong Jonghyun rarely spoke on any variety shows, but they look different here and look so comfortable too ㅋㅋㅋ

mych**** 162+ 17-
I think it would be really fun. I just watched the highlights ㅋ

goal**** 147+ 12-
The King Loves to be aired at 10pm on July 17. Watch the premiere

lsa7**** 140+ 11-
The King Loves airing its first episode tomorrow!! Watch the premiere~ WonSanLin fighting

choi**** 137+ 10-
They seem to have good chemistry and they also seem happy, I guess it’s because they are in the same age group~ Yoona is probably liked by the two male leads^^ I never thought I would wait for a Monday!!ㅋㅋ

tina**** 125+ 8-
The King Loves. I’m anticipating so much

gkss**** 125+ 9-
The chemistry between the three main leads are great, so it’s half the battle. Anticipating~

fsns**** 116+ 7-
It’s finally the first airing tomorrow yayy

wg26**** 115+ 8-
The King Loves, hit daebak!!♡

dudw**** 117+ 9-
Wah. Their chemistry is amazingㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Guest

    cdin**** 143+ 9-
    Im Siwan used to be really calm and quiet, and Hong Jonghyun rarely spoke on any variety shows, but they look different here and look so comfortable too ㅋㅋㅋ

    This comments obviously made by yoona’s fans or not jonghyun & siwan fans bc all jonghyun & siwan fans and as they fans myself, we know that they’re so playful on variety show but get shade bc their drama role.
    As expected from yoona’s fans comments on Naver lol

    • jngxsoo

      wth, maybe the comment wasn’t even made by a fan
      I also thought he was a quiet person but I’m not Yoona’s fan

      • Guest

        You must be not jonghyun & siwan’s fan too then bc only fans that know about how funny they’re on variety show & they’re known to be have a clever sense of humor

        • jngxsoo

          Yes, I’m not their fan, and maybe the person who comment wasn’t too

    • Ben

      And there is certain someone always blame everything on Yoona’s fans even no one knows exactly the commentators are whose fan. The desperation of those bitters is real strong.

      • Guest

        Bcs yoona fans always spamming all yoona’s articles especially on naver

    • suihy

      LOL. How did you even come up with that? I watched hjh and yura’s wgm and he’s not funny tho. I love them but ngl, sometimes he’s a bit frustrating. I follow siwan’s individual activities as well and his co-actors usually do the talking. I don’t follow ze:a tho so i could be partly wrong. It’s fun that he’s leading the jokes now. Your hate is unnecessary.

      • Guest

        Lol look at yoona’s fans trying to make yoona look that almighty.
        As jonghyun & siwan fans i know alot about them lol. He super boring on wgm Bc he don’t like yura & he only with one person but in group or on the other show like when he with his model friends & or his actress or actor costar for movie & drama he the one that in charge in brighter the mood even since he debut as music show & fashion MC & even on moon lovers vapp & interview he the one that keep talking & he always so active on RM .
        And for siwan he always so playfun on zea shows & on all his interview, even all his costar call her jokester.

        Yoona fans seems like to make yoona look super good lol

        • suihy

          Yeah i forgot to mention that wgm is fake. His character is most probably scripted anyway. Isn’t it funny how you’re so pressed about yoona fans who make yoona look super good when siwan and hjh are also doing it themselves as well? Also referring to your prev comment, idk if you can even understand proper english at all since no one is even shading siwan and hjh here. But go off i guess.

        • pinkjewels

          hahah i watched his program Style Log long time ago with Nana and model Jo minho, and he’s the quietest among them all. i feel like he just more comfortable among guy friend. cos when i watched his program with male model like (woobin, soohyuk) he talked more. hahaha

          • Guest

            He talk a lot too on moon lovers vapp & interview with all the casts . Yoona’s fans just make it look like yoona change him.

  • Pia

    Siwan has always been quite funny though

    • Guest

      Yoona fans on naver always make a comments on every article about yoona that everything become better bc yoona’s impact

      • Pia

        Let’s not

  • Meraki

    Im Siwan is so tiny

  • Swanz3a

    yes, agree with Yoona, My siwan oppa is very manly and mature, I will be happy to see if yoona is dating with my siwan oppa. they look so good together, also both so talented, pretty, charming and smart guys. imimcouple is love.

  • Swanz3a

    ‘guest”s incoherent comments are just trying to create a war between Yoona fans and my Siwan oppa fans. pls, do not pay attention to ‘guest’ absurd and incoherent accusations, well. I respect Yoona’s fans, her fans are nice, they respect siwan’s fans too. there are nice relationship between both fandoms, good 🙂 I am happy to know that finally My Siwan oppa is starting to gain more popularity and many more fans internationally since he is working with Yoona, His talent is being more and more internationally recognized, the views of his films have even increased these months, He’s even becoming an inspiration to other korean celebrities. that is very good news. I’m glad My siwan oppa chose to work with Yoona, she is not just beautiful, she is also talented and kind heart. Yoona took care of my Siwan oppa with many affection, admiration and respect while My siwan oppa adores yoona, he shows us in several of his interviews how many he loves, admires and respects his Yoona sunbaenim. I’m very happy about that. I know Most people who are not his fans think that Siwan is very calm and quiet, so we should not accuse her fans because of that comment, this may have been written by any other fandom or person, maybe Siwan looks be quite and calm and can has a cold looks outside, but when you get to know him more He can be cheerful sometimes depending on the moment, of course he can be cheerful sometimes but not as much as Yoona 🙂 🙂 Yoona is really a very cheerful girl and has a friendly and bubbly personality. I have been search about Yoona’s personality, life and career during last months, she is really very popular, talented, pretty, intelligent, hardworking and modest, but she is also one of the funniest and most cheerful korean celebrities, she is gorgeous. I believe that all her qualities and virtues made my siwan oppa begin to like her. they has also similar interests in the life. I would not be surprised if Yoona and My Siwan oppa are dating now, they really are SOUL MATES, I will support their relationship between them. if they are dating, they are lovely and Amazing!